New Allernow Walk-In Clinics and Shot Room Hours In Nashville!


We are excited to announce that our Allernow walk-in clinic for allergies and asthma is now open at our Hermitage and Franklin offices as well as the Mt. Juliet office. While these clinics will continue to see patients with appointments as usual, they will now accept allergic and asthmatic walk-in patients as well. If you need to see a provider immediately for your allergies, asthma, cough or sinus infection, don’t hesitate to visit one of our Allernow clinics where experts are available to see you right away.


We are also pleased to announce new office and shot room hours! The Franklin office is joining Mt. Juliet by adding office and shot room hours from 9am until noon on Saturdays for your convenience. Franklin is also adding Wednesday shot room hours (8am until 4:40pm) per our patients' special request.


And last but not least, Franklin, Hermitage and Mt. Juliet offices and shot rooms will now be open throughout the lunch hour!


We hope these changes will make expert allergy and asthma care more convenient for you and your family!

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