In a Lather Over Soaps


What is it she does now? Look how she rubs her hands.

It is an accustom’d action with her, to seem thus
washing her hands. I have known her continue in this a quarter of
an hour.

Lady Macbeth:
Yet here’s a spot.

Hark, she speaks. I will set down what comes from her, to
satisfy my remembrance the more strongly.

Lady Macbeth:
Out, damn’d spot! out, I say!

-Macbeth, Act V, Scene i

Germophobes rejoice! Or revolt! I’m not sure which, but the FDA is now going to require that manufacturers of anti-bacterial soaps prove that their products are safe over time and that they work better than plain soap and water. Your hand sanitizer is still safe, for now.  A bit more from Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post.

Dr. O

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