Eczema Treatment Tips

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I was down in Miami last week for the ACAAI meeting and spent a day at the literature review course.  There’s always an allergic skin disease segment, and the lecturer this year, dermatologist Dr. Vincent Beltrani, was full of good information and  provided us with some practical tips for eczema care.  I’ll highlight some below.

  1. You must prevent scratching!  Try applying cool compresses to any itch.
  2. Overheating and sweating triggers itch.  Stay cool.
  3. Prevent dry skin.  Sponge bathe or take short tepid baths.
  4. Use a ceramide cleanser (Aveeno Advanced Care), avoid soap which will dry the skin
  5. Pat dry, do not rub dry.  Rubbing causes more itching
  6. Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate, especially right after bathing.  He recommended EpiCream, Aveeno Advanced Care or CeraVe
  7. Dust mite proof your bed, if you are dust mite allergic

If these aren’t working, see you doctor for additional treatment strategies

Dr. O

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