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What are some of the symptoms of allergies? There are some symptoms that are commonly associated with allergies such as:


• Runny nose

• Post nasal drip

• Sneezing

• Congestion

• Coughing

• Watery, red, itchy, swollen eyes

• Headaches

• Ear congestion or frequent ear infections

• Frequent sinus infections


Less common allergy symptoms include:


• Loss of taste and smell

• Low productivity/Poor concentration

• Fatigue

• Sleep disturbances

• Snoring


Allergy symptoms can be more than bothersome or irritating. They can interfere with your day-to-day activities and sleep. Allergies can result in loss of productivity, missed work or school and an overall poor quality of life.


Seeking the help of an allergist is the key to treating your allergies.




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How do I avoid allergies?


Obviously, you aren't expected to live your life in a bubble, but there are things that can be done to minimize your exposure to specific allergens.


For example, if you are allergic to dust, you can dust-proof your bedroom by using allergy-proof mattress and pillow covers. If you are allergic to pollen and/or grass, it is beneficial to keep your windows closed and to shower immediately following outdoor activities.


There are many ways to cut down on the allergens in your environment. Talk to your allergist about any information that they can provide on allergy avoidance. Visit our avoidance page for tips on allergy avoidance in the home.

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